Hostel Valle de la Luna
Tucum�n s/n entre San Luis y Libertador - San Ag, Valle de la luna, Argentina, Valle de la luna, Argentina

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From Hostel International Valle de la Luna you can visit the Parks Ischigualasto and Talampaya (see pic).

The hostel is been renewed, homely common areas, swimming pool, are some of the new improvements for you to have a pleasant stay.

In our hostel you will meet and share travel experiences with other travellers from all over the world.

There are 4 and 6 beds dorms. The rate includes bedclothes and Breakfast.

The hostel has comfy common areas and open spaces with bbq grill available.

Moon Vally park also named Ischigualasto is one of the gratest wonders of Argentina, Its been declared Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO since the year 2000. Its dessert land is incredibly big and colorful, located where million of yerars ago was a jungle with lakes sorrounded by thick vegetation and trees where there used to live animal species now extinguished.
Nowadays you can see variaty of rocks (geoforms) beautifully shaped by erosion of wind and water, named after its shapes like The Worm, The Submarine, The Mushroom, among many others. This lands are part of the most important geological sites of the world. Specialists still working in this land continously find fossils remains of flora and fauna of the Second Age

Talampaya park is an incredible natural beauty and an Arqueologic-Paleontologic Reservation very well known worldwide. This land is sorrounded by canyons of more than 100 meters long. It is amazing the intense red color of these stone walls and its shapes. This is the place where the most ancient fossil remain was discoverd and there is only one complete dinosaur fossil remain in the world that was also found in this place. Was also in Talapaya Park that the scientists have found the first dinosaur kind that ever lived on earth 250 millions of years ago.

There are daily transfers to get to the parks from the hostel for a very good price.




From Mendoza City you can take a bus: Vallecito
From Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Tucuman you can take a Bus to San Juan City and then the bus Vallecito.
From the bus terminal station in San Agustin del Valle Fertil is walking distance to the Hostel. Walk along Mitre Street, after two blocks take left and walk along Tucuman Street. On the forth block the hostel is on your right.
Adress: Tucuman Street between San Luis and Libertador.