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Av. Victoria Aguirre 304, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

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Welcome to Stop Hostel, Iguaz!!!

So you`ve heard about the amazing waterfalls that we have here on our doorstep, one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, taller than Niagra Falls and some 2km`s longit really takes seeing to be believing!!! And that's what we here will enable you to do, plus lots lots more.

Manned by locals we can give you information and inside tips on what else there is to do in and around Iguazu, from mines of precious stones, paint-ball to shopping trips to tax free Paraguay, bird sanctuaries, quad biking and rock climbing, there is a lot more to see and do here once you have experienced the power of the falls.

When you return after a day out, we will be here waiting for you with comfy beds and a relaxing atmosphere. Our hostel is a converted hotel in the centre of town, which means big rooms all with on-suite bathrooms, large bar/common room with a terrace bar over looking the city and access to a share swimming-pool in our partner hostel !!

Our chill-out room full of giant beanbags is the perfect place to rest, have some hardcore siestas and munch on free popcorn! Free Internet and WiFi along with free national and international calls allow you to spread the word on what you have been up to here in Iguaz, Misiones.

Here you can stop a night or stop the week, but you wont stop having a good time.



If youre arriving by bus:
The terminal is very close to the hostel, so you have two options:

* Walking: less than five blocks.
* Taxi: will cost less than 10 Argentine pesos ($ 10 USD)

Arriving by plane:

* Taxi: will cost 60 Argentine pesos ($ 60 ARS).
* Four Tourist Travel, the only transfer company operating in the Airport, will drop you off at the door of the hostel for $ 15 ARS one way